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Now Facebook Messenger to Provide Its Users with End-to-End Encryption



It’s not long ago when Facebook owned WhatsApp messaging app declared end-to-end encryption for all its users and there was a lot of buzz over the internet as well as amidst the government bodies. And now the social media giant is planning to roll out same feature for its standalone messenger app, says a recent report.

According to a recent post in the Guardian, Facebook will be offering its messenger users with an opt-in – whether they need utmost privacy or enhanced AI (Artificial Intelligent)? The company is going to roll out an optional mode of chatting with end-to-end encryption in the coming months this year, says a person close this ongoing project at Facebook Inc.

The users who will select end-to-end encryption mode of communication will be ensured that all their chats are private; their chats will be seen by only sender and receiver. Neither the Facebook itself nor any top-notch government body like FBI would be able to take a sneak peek into your conversation.

Unlike WhatsApp where we users don’t have the choice to enable or disable end-to-encryption instead it is given as default setting, Facebook provides this feature as an optional security feature in the messenger app. But this privacy option in Messenger will come at the cost of advanced AI features like bots, says the Guardian post.

Facebook has been experimenting to use its AI systems (assistant M and messenger bots) to churn data from users’ communication and get smarter to better serve users while addressing their queries and requests. And to implement this, the social media behemoth needs to store all user chats on its server. But chat communication of messenger users who would opt for full encryption will not be stored on company server.

There is a good number of messaging apps including Viber, surespot and Snapchat that are offering fully encrypted mode of communication to its users. An insider report says, Google is also going to feature opt-in for extra privacy and security to its users in its next coming messaging app ‘Allo’.

We are yet to see what users will prefer more? The Privacy or the advanced AI based assistance and services?

Transform into an efficient, automated and smart organization with a Right App

mobile apps

mobile apps“Build an app with a clear strategy, smart design and flawless functioning- all backed up by a common yet uniquely executed idea.”

Apps serve varied purposes that include better engagement of customers, creation of competitive advantage and improving efficiencies in business to produce newer revenue streams. A perfectly drafted strategy will help in articulating how apps support business goals currently and how they can transform your organization into an efficient business entity in future.

Outsource your app development needs to a reputed extensive iPhone application development company who has over a decade of experience working for varied domains ranging from healthcare to retail and finance to ecommerce. A professional app development company can help you develop a perfect app strategy for formulating a vision to create an impact in your market.

The mobile application development company you choose needs to be proficient in building iOS and android apps utilizing latest OS and SDKs. Know if they have expertise building apps that leverage mobile-specific technologies like iBeacon, Wi-Fi, Maps, etc. Productivity apps, enterprise apps are real time apps to name a few that utilize such technology features of the mobile device.

“A streamlined process ensure that world class iOS apps are built”

A simplified process is a key to robust development. It is a 3 pronged approach that includes:

  • Exploring ideas and designing strategically: Dissecting requirements collaboratively with regards to technical, goal oriented and end user perspectives get you started.
  • Developing prototypes and engaging in technical development: Fleshing out screens, designing, coding and development of back-end is implemented.
  • Timely product delivery and ensuring continual growth: Extensive testing to ensure a bug free app, putting your app onto app stores, supporting refinement and maintenance and helping in marketing strategies to provide an end-to-end project in timely manner propels our team.

Find a right mobile app development company to help you build a right app. Hire an app development company who derive their strength and confidence from their skilled team that is capable of developing usable, scalable and reliable iOS apps. With deep understanding about platform specifications and adherence to best guideline practices from Apple, an efficient app development team means business and produces best class apps for enterprises.

Putting together the best people suited to mold your idea is a benchmark for a successful app development company and finding such a company is the beginning of your journey to success. Got a business idea? Make your ideas succeed by outsourcing your app development requirement to a right app development company.


Neerja Bhanot – The movie teaches life lessons and inspires women to be courageous

Blog main pic1

Blog main pic1

Everyone looks up to women who are independent and strong. However, how does one become one? It is quite easy to succumb to feelings and challenges that include self-doubt. However, this is not what makes a woman strong, does it?

The City of Ahmedabad has always been known to possess individuals that are strong and courageous. Right from the days of SardarVallabhai Patel, individuals in Ahmedabad have been associated with many worthy causes and acts of valor that have become an inspiration for all. This legacy of courage has been also imbibed in the fairer sex in this region.

With a woman leading the state of Gujarat, things do not need more light to be explained. Right from the days when Honorable PM NarendraModi led the state, women have been looking at him as someone who can fight anti-national elements with full force. This feeling has led to women being supplemented with added courage and a thought that security will never be a concern.






However, even if everything seems perfect, no one can predict what the future holds. With terrorism always on the rise, things can go out of place any given time without intimation. This implies that women need to always be prepared and have the courage to fight negative elements. These negative elements can be present inside the family too; so women need to be ready for any circumstance.

NeerjaBhanot movie: A truly inspiring masterpiece


The recent movie about the courageous NeerjaBhanot; a flight attendant who saved several lives, can be a burning example of how capable and courageous women can be. When the airplane she was on board got hijacked by terrorists, she did not give in to the pressure and fought the battle till she was killed saving three kids. However, by that time, Neerja had courageously saved 360 lives that included foreigners.

Being courageous does not mean die


With no one on board, Neerja being the most senior member, did not collapse to the pressure of terrorists and instead, took complete charge of the situation to fight the battle. The movie released recently about NeerjaBhanot depicts the fact that if you have the belief and courage, even trying situations can be overtaken. And courage here does not always mean to die for someone or something; courage here means to not fall prey to negative elements, tendencies or false traditional practices that are a stigma on society.

Break the shackles but care for your family too


Women need to understand their true potential and break the shackles that keep them bound to the kitchen only. Yes, definitely their family is important; however, they can still make a huge contribution towards good of the society. The movie about Neerja has proved that women need to love their life and also your family at the same time; even if this means that family members are overbearing sometimes.

Stay composed and find ways


The movie provokes women to think about solutions and not panic in dire situations. Though the gruesome events shown in the movie overwhelm Neerja(enacted by SonamKapoor), she never loses her composure and fights till her very end.

Support daughters


In one of the flashback scenes, Neerja’s mother is shown supporting her and rising to the challenge faced by femininity to stand firmly besides her daughter. This is the courage that needs to be present with every women.

Though India has come a long way from where women were treated badly to having them lead the way in various ways, things still need to change for good. Ahmedabad has already picked up in the race and we are witnessing many inspiring examples of how women are making their mark in the society.

The NeerjaBhanot movie can be a sure shot example of how courage can aid in accomplishing the impossible. So if Neerja can accomplish such a feat at a tender age of 23, why not others. The upbringing of women needs to change and they need to be treated on par with men right from their childhood. All this will lead to a better tomorrow.

Here Is A Mobile App to Change the Way You Shop Grocery, Veggies & A Lot More


Dear Amdavadis,

Like many working couples in the city, If you too are struggling to spare time for shopping of everyday household things like vegetables, groceries, fruits and bakery items then it’s time to leave all your worries behind. Now you can easily shop vegetables, fruits, grocery and a lot more of everyday essentials from your mobile only. You can order anytime, from anywhere and expect same day, quick delivery. Isn’t it wonderful?

Last night, me and my husband was looking for online grocery shopping site and we come across ‘Grofers’. Being a part of IT industry, we always keep an eye out for sites and mobile apps that can bring ease and usefulness to our everyday lifestyle. Grofers bestows its presence on both Google Play Store and Apple Store.


We quickly place order through its Android App and I must admit the app has user-friendly navigation scheme and many stores off-the-shelf to whom we can place order with. The mobile app automatically fetch the location and recommended nearby stores or supermarkets depending on it.

So, you can shop all required stuff from multiple stores quite easily and quickly, and you will receive all of them delivered to your doorstep in one go. In addition to Ahmedabad, they are serving many other cities including Lucknow and Hydrabad.

This isn’t the first mobile app I have tried for online grocery and vegetable shopping, however this is unquestionably the first mobile app I found worth jotting down for. And needless to say, I find myself as a regular user of this app.

In my first purchase with Grofers, following are the key things that stimulate me to replace my paper-list:

  • Excellent design of the app makes browsing and ordering easy like never before
  • Multiple stores, shops and supermarkets with a huge selection of products off-the-shelf
  • Timely notification messages to my mobile (You get message notification when order is placed, confirmed and picked from stores; in short, they keep you updated throughout)
  • Properly segmented order list showing in the app account
  • Multiple payment options (I used my Mobikwik wallet and got cashback too)
  • Free doorstep delivery
  • On-time delivery (I ordered midnight and received delivery by 12pm next day)
  • Uniformed and professional staff for delivery and customer support

What’s more, all ordered items (including milk, eggs, vegetables, pulses and fruits) were delicately handled; except I realized one egg got a small crack during manhandling but fortunately didn’t break till it reaches home.

20150702_133405 (1)

And among all items ordered, there was one item they couldn’t manage to source but I got its amount returned at the time of delivery itself. Customer support is second to none. So, overall I loved the experience and strongly recommend this app to all locals. Time to go digital!

Not to miss, here is a mug I receive as a complementary (Free J) gift from them. Aww, so nice gesture for new customers (or nice branding effort :P)!

I would love to hear from you!

The 7 Most Popular 90’s Kids Cartoon Shows



Does anyone remember cartoons like the little mermaid, batman, Tom and Jerry, Winnie the Pooh? Yes I am talking about these popular cartoon shows which belonged to the 90th century, an era where these super duper kids cartoon shows gave full on entertainment to the children. But now, I really pity on kids of this time who hardly get any time to watch these wonderful cartoons. And I am sure that most of them may not even know about these cartoon shows. So, why worry then? I am here to show you people the beautiful and fun loving world of 90’s kids cartoons, where you may not only get entertainment but also get some good valuable messages. Now, let’s go and have a look at some of the 7 memorable 90’s kids cartoons which you would love to watch after going through this article.

The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Ahaa!! Winnie the Pooh is one of my favorite cartoons. I could never even think of missing that red shirt, cute and sweet little golden bear who always loved to eat honey. Moreover his friends, piglet the pig, tigger the bouncing tiger, rabbit and yes how can I forget Eeyore the blue-grey donkey who used to be depressed most of the time and had a habit of losing his tail. Their voice, their acting, music, everything was superb. Especially, the way piglet used to say “Dear” was just amazing. This cartoon also teaches about true friendship between pooh and piglet, bravery, cleverness and lots more.

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo, a stupid man in skin tight black T-shirt, blue jeans and black goggles is always remembered for his undying efforts to impress a woman. The way he used to get beaten up by the women he approached was really very funny. The sun glasses, fourth wall and he being thrashed by women who rejected him were his trademarks. Would you like to watch unlimited comedy and fun? Then this cartoon is the best one. Please do hold on your stomachs while watching this show as you are going to get full on entertainment.

Denace the Menace

Have you seen the extent of naughtiness and innocence? Here is an example of a boy named Dennis who with his this type of nature always creates disasters at all places. He is a tiny little, mischievous but lovable boy who lives with his parents Henry and Alice. His innocence, willing to help and curious behavior often leads to confusion wherever he goes, especially for his neighbor Mr. Wilson.


I am baffled to know from where to begin, as Pokemon was one of the ideal cartoon shows of my childhood. I was so much obsessed with it that I not only watch the cartoon but also collected the cards and other things which had pokemons printed on them. It described about a boy named Ash, who wanted to become the world’s best pokemon trainer. And for that he starts a journey where he meets his two friends Brock and Misty. On his way he captures many pokemons and wins many tournaments as well. He has a very cute yellow color pokemon, called Pikachu who remains with him throughout the journey and helps him in all his matches. I liked pickachu the most.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Most of the cartoons in 90s’ were usually funny and happy. However, this show was about frightening monsters. The story revolved around the pink dog named courage, who always saved his owners the old lady Muriel and her cranky old husband from monsters like chicken from outer space, a giant bug in a suit, a red talking cat, or just a crazy barber. Though the animations, color, background and everything was creepy and haunting in it, it was a funny show as well which I rarely missed.

Dragon Tales

With the name of the show only you might be thinking that it will all be about dragons, destruction, fear and burnt to a crunch, but this cartoon show was exactly the opposite. It was a nice and happy story about two young Mexican kids who find a dragon scale in their room. This scale takes them to a magical world of dragons which are not violent but instead are cute and well mannered. They always had a smile on their faces. This show mainly educated the young children with good manners. Now, though I was of 10-11 years of age I never felt ashamed of seeing it, rather I loved. This was the best show for me as it often changed my bad mood to good.

Ed, Edd, ‘n’, Eddy

Ed, Edd n Eddy was another classic comedy show on cartoon network. It revolved around the three boys, who were almost of the same age and had same name. The only difference they had was the spelling of their nicknames. Ed was the dumb and impractical one; Edd with double d was smart and mostly serious while Eddy was the one who often tried tricks on other kids for their money. There was a different charm of this show which I still remember and can never forget.

I bet now after reading this you will be interested in watching these cartoons as well. Why be a book worm then? Go ahead and enjoy some time watching these shows. Also, keep coming back to page!

Does anyone know about the drawbacks of Google’s Driverless Cars?

Blog4_Google Smart Car

Blog4_Google Smart Car

A car without driver was a dream few years back. But, now Google has made that dream come true. How great and amazing it is to see a car being driven without any human interference!!! I am sure everyone might be aware of the benefits of these cars. But does anyone know about the drawbacks of these Google’s driverless cars? Read on to know more.

Here are the few drawbacks of Google’s driverless cars that one should know before thinking to purchase it.

Threat for Drivers whose income is dependent on Driving

Since, Google’s car is driverless; people purchasing it will not need any driver. Hence, this would cause an adverse effect on the jobs of the drivers who depend on driving for their livelihood.

May Promote more Traffic

Being driverless cars, they might promote an increase in the number of vehicles rather than decreasing or replacing the existing ones. Moreover, people who are unable to drive will also start driving and as it can be driven automatically, travelling would become a pleasure for them. Also, the cars might compete with the public transport resulting into amplified amount of travel. Thus, it may also lead to an increase in the usage of energy resources.

Unable to Handle Unfavorable Climatic Conditions

These cars cannot be handled when there is heavy rainfall or the roads are covered with snow. Moreover, their speed gets reduced to a large extent as the algorithms of the computer take extra safety measures while crossing 4-way stops that do not have any symbols.

Cannot Recognize Traffic Signals

Google’s driverless cars are unable to identify traffic signals. They cannot even differentiate between the people walking on the road and a policeman signaling to stop or a lump of garbage and a big stone. It is also difficult for these cars to get themselves adjusted in the parking lots.

Unaffordable for Middle Class Group

The technologies used for making these cars are so expensive that a common man cannot even think about buying it. The technology alone adds $70,000 to $100,000 to the cost of a vehicle. Thus only rich people can think of buying it.

Thus, just as every coin has two sides even Google’s driverless cars had its drawbacks. I hope you would think twice before opting for driverless cars.

Top 21 Reasons Why Green Tea Holds Place in My New Year Resolutions


teaI love drinking about three to four cups of green tea every day!

Well, it’s not that it taste is good, not at all J Yes, I prefer to take it with lemon for added health advantages and taste enhancement. But the primary reason I drink it every day as I know it is going to benefit my health and wellness in a lot of ways.

A slice of its history

Though native to India and China, Green tea is consumed all across the world for many hundreds of years now. Today it is one of the most common drinks of the Americans. To those not aware, green tea is made out of the same leaves used for black tea. But the key difference is unlike black tea, green tea doesn’t go through oxidization process.

So, green tea is un-oxidized and one of the least processed type of tea, and thus it is extremely rich in antioxidants and valuable polyphenols. Green tea was extensively used for medicine purpose in the Ancient China and Ancient India.

From healing wounds, improving digestion, controlling blood pressure and improving the metabolism of your body to fighting deadly cancer, Green tea has great effects on almost every part of your body!

Nutritional Value

Folks, it is a zero calorie beverage! Compared to coffee and black tea, it has a significantly lower amount of caffeine into it, which can vary slightly depending on the infusing time and the quantity of leaves used. According to the experts, green tea contains about 20-45 milligrams of caffeine per 8 oz cup, while coffee contains about 95 milligram and black tea contains about 50 milligrams of caffeine per cup.

“Green tea is the healthiest drink I can think of having”, says Christopher Ochner, a research scientist at Mount Sinai Hospital. Adding more to the fact, green tea has the highest amount of antioxidants of any tea. Moreover, the chemical called polyphenols found in green tea flaunts excellent anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory benefits. “Green tea is rich in catechins which fight cell damage”, says Beth Reardon, RD, a Boston nutritionist.

It’s a FACT too!

While healthy food and drinks can prevent benefit a lot to your body, no one of them can guarantee 100% protection from any disease. Your health and wellness rely mainly on your genes and lifestyle. And thus, though you may drink green tea every day, you will still need to look after of your health in many other ways such as taking a walk every day, avoiding smoking and avoiding unhealthy diet.

I have been drinking leafy green tea since last three years now. However, so far I have come across many people who are still unaware of the numerous health advantages of this miracle herb of our mother nature. So, I decided to dig up as far as I can and pen down all those reasons that justify why adding green tea into my this year resolutions’ list is the right decision.

Folks, here are the 10 biggest reasons why I added green tea into my new year resolutions.

Reason-1: It helps get rid of belly Tyre

As founded by the researchers of Tufts University in one of their studies, green tea contains EGCG that accelerate fat-burning genes in the abdomen; meaning it will speed up your weight loss process by nearly 77%.

“Catechins in green tea lower cholesterol and blood pressure; also they fight against the damage high-fat cells can cause to your body”, added Christopher Ochner.

The polyphenol chemical found in green tea leaves improves metabolism of your meaning; to those not aware metabolism is the rate at which your body can turn food intake into calories. So guys, does it make sense to replace your sugary drinks with green tea from TODAY?

If you are swapping 1-2 cup of green tea with soda or any sugary drink available out there, you will prevent 50,000 additional calories in a year, which is equal to 15 pounds. For those drinking green tea to cut down fat are recommended to drink it plain, without adding honey or sugar; though you can add ginger or mint!

Reason-2: It helps improve the metabolism of your body

Indeed drinking green tea is the easiest way to boost your metabolism. Green tea extract can increase the metabolism rate by up to 4 percent over 24 hour timespan, says a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. You simply need to drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea every day and leave all worries of fat burning behind.

You need not to always do heavy lifting and perform all those rigorous physical exercises to improve your metabolism. I have got the easiest way – brew my cup of green tea in just 2 minutes, add 2-3 drops of lemon and let the green tea miracle elements inhibit fat absorption!

Reason-3: It helps get shiny and thick hair the most natural way


Try rinse your hair using green tea twice a week, it will add shine and luster to your dull and grey-looking hair. Before you pour green tea onto hair, make sure you have washed hair first. Once sprinkled on hair, let the green tea get absorbed by your hair and scalp for about 10-15 minutes. Then after, you can rinse your hair using warm.

Practicing this method after shampoo-conditioning of your hair will not just make your hair look shiner and thicker, but also prevent it from harmful air pollutants. Green tea has also found to be very helpful in preventing hair fall and dandruff problems. For additional advantages, you can add a few drops of lemon and coconut oil into your green tea recipe.

Want to prepare your green tea hair pack? Google it and you will find many green tea hair pack recipes online! Also, there are many green tea shampoos, hair oil and conditioners available out there worth buying for healthy and lustrous hair!

Reason-4:I helps keep my teeth and gums to remain healthy

A team of scientists researched the impacts of EGCG in green tea against mouth bacteria known as Streptococcus mutans and found that drinking green tea has great inhibitory effects on gums and teeth. The results of the study were also published in the Journal of Applied Oral Science.

Catechin, the antioxidant chemical in green tea, has strong antibacterial effect on harmful mouth bacteria and viruses that can otherwise cause potential dental or oral problems like throat infection and cavities.

Reason-5: It helps to make my immune system stronger

Greentea for Immunity

A study reveals that Polyphenols and potent plant antioxidants found in green tea has great positive effects on the immunity agents of your body. So, drinking green tea will help strengthen the immune system and eradicate influenza viruses. This is why I prefer to have at least 2 cup of green tea with lemon every day. I also sometimes add grated ginger and honey for additional health benefits and taste enhancement.

Most of the people avoid drinking green tea due to its bitter taste. However, if you make your cup at below-boiling water and steep only 1-2 teaspoon of leaves for only 5 minutes with a few drops of lemon, you will not taste bitterness anymore.

Reason-6: It helps to remove bad cholesterol from my body


A warm cup of green tea is even good for bad cholesterol, known as ‘LDL’ in medical terms, in your body, revealed in a recent study. The medical research conducted by Xin-Xin Zheng and his from Peking Union Medical College in Beijing, china also found that drinking green tea don’t touch the good cholesterol (HDL), meaning it will lower only bad cholesterol of your body.

Though the effect is small but if you accompany your cholesterol-lowering medicine with a few cups of green tea, it will show up better results faster. In a medical study conducted in Brazil, a group of individuals who took capsules made of green tea extract shown to lower bad cholesterol faster.

Reason-7: It helps my skin get ready to fight aging in its 30’s

Who want to look old? Of course none of us. Well, like me you want to get rid of early wrinkles and skin damage, drink up green tea every day! EGCG in green tea is found 200 times more powerful than Vitamin E to fight free radicals – the skin damaging chemicals that effect other healthy cells of skin and show many signs of aging such as wrinkles. And of course, drinking green tea in your early days will save you many thousands you would have otherwise spent of quite expensive anti-ageing creams!

Reason-8: It made my skin healthier

As published in the journal Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, antioxidants in green tea fights free radicals in skin and show positive effects on skin cells such as protecting skin from UV damage. Free radicals if not dealt with can cause many chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and arthritis. If you don’t want to drink green tea yet benefit of this healthy-skin-impact of green tea, you can sprinkle green tea on your facial skin or prepare green tea masks.

Reason-9: It helps to prevent sunburns in hot summer days

As said above, the antioxidant rich green tea when come in contact to skin cells help prevent them from sun burns and other skin damage due to harmful UV rays. Particularly in India, summer is a long season and days are too hot. So, this summer you can apply green tea once or twice every day and save your beautiful skin from sunburns. This will also save your skin from harmful pollutants too! Sounds like a combo offer to me J

Reason-10: It helps prevent my skin from acne and pimples

Even a moderate dose of green tea taken twice a day up to 6 weeks by a group of people with some acne or pesky pimple problems showed great results on skin eradicating both pimples and acne, says a study conducted by a University of Miami.

You simply need to prepare a cup of green tea, let it cool down meanwhile you can wash your face if there is makeup done, and then spray green tea all over the face; you can also crush green tea leaves, add a few drops of honey, lemon and mix it all to apply evenly all over the face. Rinse your face softly after 15-20 minutes and see how it magically disappear the pimples and acne!

Reason-11: It helps prevent cancer

Unlike black and oolong tea, green tea doesn’t pass through oxidization process. And this is why it has more antioxidants known as Catechins, which are cancer-fighter – particularly EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate). A research study published in the journal Experimental Cell Research says that EGCG found in green tea helps slow down the growth of breast tumor and can help cure breast cancer.

According to a study published by Cancer Prevention Research in year 2010, EGCG found in green tea helps prevent as well as cure lung cancer by fighting the growth of cancer cells. It can also be helpful in preventing colorectal cancers, revealed in a study published by Oncology Letters in 2012.

A Cancer Science report in 2010 claimed that EGCG in green tea halt prostate cancer cells preventing multiple cancers. Researchers from all around the world are still studying the impact of green tea in killing the growth of cancer cells to come up with some more promising facts.

Many studies conducted by the leading medical institutes and research firms of the world support the claim that people who drink green tea are less vulnerable to cancer or show faster response in cancer treatment than those who don’t incorporate drinking green tea in their daily routine.

Drinking 2-3 cups of green tea every day can help you prevent multiple cancers including breast cancer, prostate cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, tumor cancer and skin cancer due to severe sunburns.  Not to be outdone, green tea also prevent HPV (human papilloma virus) in women; the virus is responsible for the growth of abnormal cells in cervix, called genital warts or cervical cancer.

I wonder how many returns this amazing natural drink has to offer?

Reason-12: It helps me stay energized for the whole day

Do you feel down on energy in the second half of the day? Well, that’s one of the reasons I enjoy drinking green tea every day. EGCG in green tea controls use of insulin in the body and ensure stable blood sugar level, ultimately preventing you from nonstop food cravings and fatigue. Why don’t you get your cup of energy-booster today? You may order it online or on phone at

Reason-13: It helps me fight my BP problem the very natural way

High-quality leafy green tea contains good amount of antioxidants, unlike the one available in green tea bags, which helps control BP (blood pressure).

“After 12 weeks of drinking tea, blood pressure was lower by 2.6 mmHg systolic and 2.2 mmHg diastolic. Green tea had the most significant results, while black tea performed the next best…

Reducing systolic blood pressure by 2.6 mmHg ‘would be expected to reduce stroke risk by 8 percent, coronary artery disease mortality by 5 percent and all-cause mortality by 4 percent at a population level…’” – An excerpt from an issue published in Time Magazine

So, does it make sense to swap your black tea or coffee with GREEN TEA now?

Reason-14: It made my digestion system stronger

Use of green tea to aid digestion problem dates back to many hundreds of years to be used in ancient India and China. Today, you can find green tea in leafy form, tea bags and even in extract-based capsules. Many skin-care and beauty products available out there contain a considerable amount of green tea extract for its miracle benefits.

This super-healthy drink is quite rich in antioxidants that function as stimulants and improve your digestion system. It removes all harmful toxic from inside the body and make it healthier. It can also help cure stomach illness like vomiting and diarrhea. With stronger digestive system, your body can function more efficiently in absorbing the needed minerals and clearing the waste out of body.

Reason-15: It will keep my heart healthier


Thanks to high amount of antioxidants and flavonoids, green tea can prevent many heart diseases by lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol, preventing formations of clots in blood, and enhancing the functioning of blood vessels. This super-food beverage is also linked with lower rates of blocked artery.

Those taking 2-3 cups of green tea per day reduce their risk to artery blockages or heart attacks by 46%. If you have already witnessed a heart stroke, drinking 3 cups of green tea every day can help you avoid second heart attack.

Another study conducted amongst 1900 victim of heart attacks recovering at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston also supported the claim that green tea drinkers have lower risk of heart attacks than non-drinkers. An article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2006 also showed positive effects of green tea on cardiovascular diseases.

Reason-16: It will help save me from memory loss (Alzheimer) in my old age

What is good for your heart is good for your brain too! Yes, drinking green tea regularly can save you from Alzheimer, says a recent study that surveyed two group of people of 80 and above in age. Old age people who were drinking about 10 cups of green tea was having no sign of cognitive impairment. Another study in Switzerland reported that green tea prevent plaques which can also cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Reason-17: It will make my brain work smarter

A Netherlands study revealed that L-theanine and caffeine found in green tea can considerably improve the alertness and thinking power of your brain. A research published in the Psychopharmacology journal also support the fact that green tea helps improve drinkers’ working memory and other cognitive functions of the brain.

Reason-18: I have a sweet tooth, so can’t afford to have diabetes!

 For people looking for the best tea for diabetes, green tea undoubtedly wins amongst all types of teas available out there. Its unfermented leaves are richer in polyphenols that have proved to increase glucose tolerance and prevent type-2 diabetes.

 Reason-19: It helps me get rid of puffy eyes

This is a great way to use the leftover leaves after filtering your green tea cup. You simply need to take those wet green tea leaves in a soft cotton piece of cloth and then place them onto swollen eyes for about 20-25 minutes. It will help to calm down eye tissues and reduce puffiness making them look fresh and beautiful again.

Reason-20: I want to live stress-free and my everyday cup of GREEN TEA helps me do it!

Sipping green tea is more of a relaxing and rejuvenating ritual for me. Theanine found in green tea help you feel calmed and relaxed. Moreover, compared to other drinks, green tea has lower amount of caffeine so you can have 5-6 cups a day to get rid of psychological stress.

As found in a study conducted by Japan’s Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, EGCG chemical in green tea has considerable hypnotic effects that lower production of stress chemical in the body. Another study conducted in China also claimed that green tea drinks showed 46%-65% lower risk of hypertension compared to non-drinkers of green tea.

So, why don’t you order your cup of green tea online at and stay relaxed every moment, every day!

Reason-21: I want to live long staying healthier and happier


From skin acne to diabetes and deadly cancer, the miracle herb green tea can help you prevent many disease. There won’t be hype if I say green tea is a superfood source. Catechins found in green tea are even more powerful than Vitamin C and E for its disease-fighting potential. Studies have also found positive effects of green tea on lung, skin, bladder, breast, ovarian, stomach and colorectal. According to researchers, you drink between 2-10 cups of green tea a day!

However, this isn’t all folks! Green tea gas plenty of more health benefits. Continue reading.

It help prevent urinary infection

Sipping 2-3 cups of this tea can prevent urinary tract infection. The antioxidants found in the tea can lower bladder inflammation.

It can help cure arthritis

Looking for a natural remedy to reduce pains and aches in arthritis? Green tea is the answer. The tea has a chemical known as ‘quercetin’ which is a powerful antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory substance. According to the researchers of the Case Western Reserve University, drinking 4 cups of green tea will help lower risk of arthritis; it will also prove to be a great ailing element for those under arthritis treatment.

It aids in asthma treatment

The antioxidant in this natural tea can take out inflammatory substances from mast cells, which can product allergic responses into body. Sip 2 cups of the tea every day and you can keep the risk of asthma away! Also, if you are struggling with some allergies already, drinking green tea will help you  relieve them.


Since I started drinking it for the first time four years back, my love of green tea is increasing at a constant pace. And it tastes good to me, though I often have it with a few drops of lemon only. But those who want to add some more flavors to this healthy drink can try iced green tea or add ginger, honey and mint.

Things Worth Knowing

Now hope you are not confused with green tea, black tea and oolong tea. The first one is not fermented at all and thus is richest in antioxidants while lowest in caffeine. The second is partially fermented and green tea is fully fermented.

The leaf bud, stem and the leaf itself is extremely useful part of green tea. In order to prepare this tea, the leaves are steamed and rolled at high temperature such that the leaves contain the standard level of polyphenols into it.


Numerous studies have conducted to explore health and wellness benefits of green tea, at the same time proving little to no side effects of the drink. Nutrition value of tea bags is lesser than the leafy tea pouches. So, make your choice wisely!


How to brew it up the perfect way


Never allowed the water to get extremely boiled. You can keep boiling it up to normal teakettle temperature. Then turn off the stove and add 1-2 teaspoons of green tea leaves into boiled water. Remember that adding green tea into boiling water without turning off the stove can harm the Catechins, antioxidants into the tea.

Close the utensil to allow the leaves to steep well for up to 5 minutes so as to bring out its antioxidants. Filter the tea into your cup, add a few drops of lemon and honey if need to, and your healthy cup of green tea is ready!

Green tea lovers like me can also try various green tea receipes as well. Just Google it and you will find many. And you may also follow the green tea blog at ARTHealth.

Green tea culture in India is blossoming. When are you starting drinking green tea?