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Want to boost your ‘Blog’ traffic? There is a Proven Strategy


Blog2_ImageYou login into your website’s admin panel, check Google analytics and suddenly your heart becomes full of sorrow.

Why is your blog page traffic still too low?

Why aren’t visitors arriving to your blog page?

When will I get new business inquiries from prospects?

Well, blogging isn’t that easy. However, what are the recommended ideas when your blog isn’t working in favor of you? I personally don’t think that simply praying for more traffic to your blog will pay off and help you get new inquiries in your email box. Instead you need to redefine your blog strategy; For those who haven’t developed any strategy so far, it’s high time you do it!

Increasing your efforts without building any full-proof strategy won’t result. First, sit and review what all efforts you have made so far in order to get good number of visitors to your blog page. have you implemented any particular strategy that entice readers and attract new clients too.

Like numerous website owners out there, if you too want to build a full-proof blog plan that helps you increase more visitors, customers and clients, ask yourself these 5 questions as mentioned below.

Who are you writing for?

How much blog traffic are you expecting – 100, 1000 or even more? But when you visualize your targeted audience as a crowd of thousands or more people, you probably don’t know the actual face of your prospects.

It’s not that the best seller authors of the world think of their millions of readers when writing their bestseller copies. Stephen King once said that he writes visualizing only person in mind – his wife, not those millions of fans out there.

Same rule goes true for your blog. If you are writing for only one idea reader, your copy becomes even more interesting and engaging. And you are likely to get more shares and comments. In order to define your one idea reader, think beyond demographics – know his dream and needs.

Why a person should read your blog?

You certainly know your gains or purposes behind blog posting such as increasing website traffic, generating new leads, increase your credibility as an author, etc., but have you ever considered what your copy has in store for readers? Why should they read your blog?

The readers may have nothing to do with your promotional and marketing campaign. They may not be concerned with your sales as well. If you want to make them read, your blog must have something that can help him in their own business, goals or in a personal life. If you can make this feasible, you can certainly write a blog that turns up a must-read for your targeted audience.

Does every blog you write help your ideal reader’s community?

If you want to increase readers and generate leads, you ought to write for them and not for you. Find out the topics they will like to know about. Imagine about your ideal reader and brainstorm for the ideas he or she would love to read about. never pen down blog just for the sake of publishing it. Instead, jot down an inspiring and informative blog for your targeted niche. And see how inquiries will flood your email box.

Are you and your blog content easily accessible?

You ought to have a promotional strategy in place to draw in desired readers to your blog. Guest blogging will help you increase the span of your authority and generate quality backlinks. You also need to be active on social media platforms that you use for promotional activities of your blog in order to increase the engagement with your niche.

Are you seeking for a long-term relationship?

Even before you try to sell your products to services to some people, you first need to build a relationship with them. Wondering how? Well, there are many ways – invite and communicate with them on social media channels, subscribe them for newsletter, be always there for readers regardless of your blogging frequency, and when not in reach you can always use auto responder facility to ensure you don’t lose new subscribers.

On a final note, if you crave to turn your blog visitors into your regular readers and potential buyers, be their friend or inspiration first.

And most importantly, keep blogging more than often!

Traits that define a professional web content writer



No matter which industry you belong to, if your business has an online presence then hiring professional content writing service or a content writer is inevitable. But you need quality content, not the lifeless content. Businesses need interesting, informative and original content to build an authentic image online.

Quality content will make your web based business stand out in the crowd; it’s the content that effectively conveys your sales message, your business values and objectives to your targeted audience. Undeniably, content can emerge as a key differentiator for your business.

But this is when the real challenge comes on the scene – finding a professional web content writer who can draft content that stands true for all quality measures discussed above.

As reported in a recent study conducted by one of the leading content marketing institutes of the world, the industry demand for professional content writers has increased by more than 320% in last one year. At the same time, the number of companies or businesses writhed to find good professional writers has considerably increased from 10% to 32% in past one year.

One of the many reasons why companies still find it challenging to spot good writers is that they are actually not aware of the traits that will define a qualified and good writer. Without adding further ado, let’s dive into some key qualities that differentiate professional writers from others.

Here are some basic traits you should take into account while looking for an expert content developer.

Powerful writing voice

Folks, this isn’t something that can be taught such as in the case of marketing and strategy. Instead, strong voice develops over time and comes from within of an intuitive, creative and smart individual. But this becomes feasible if the writer is committed and passionate to his work. Look around and find a writer whose work seems interesting and convincing to you – the copy you simply enjoy reading! Make sure your hiring is productive and profitable.

Perfect spelling and grammar

There are many writers out there whose content will need professional proof reader. But if you don’t want to hire an additional person, make sure the writer you hire has great command over grammar, spelling and its usage.  Though typos are common, it is a rare scenario for professional copywriters.

Know the influencing angle

Well-drafted piece of content is vital, still if isn’t presented in an engaging way then it may not get good number of likes, shares and readers.Professional and experienced content writers can go creative thinking of fascinating ways to make your prospects aware of your products or services, or simply anything you want them to convey.

Expertise to jot down content that ‘SELLS’

You will find tens of thousands of writers out there who can pen down some interesting sentence. But only content specialists can best understand on how the content can guide readers through the pre-defined path from a reader to potential customer. The content professionals know how every part of content will work; what works best for articles and what should be saved for blogs and guest post writing. A professional web content writer follows best practices and adheres to a content strategy bespoke to clients’ needs.

Furthermore, professional writers are committed to on time delivery and they keep learning to stay on top of the game always. Looking for a professional content writer for your business? A good writer knows how to make content work for your business.