Are You Hiring the Right Nursing License Defense Attorney?



Getting your nursing license is an important part of your career. Sometimes, you have to face a lot of problems because of the nursing board. When you apply for a license, there’s a possibility of denial. You might even lose your license because of any allegations in an accusation. All these situations can put your career and reputation at risk. Thus, it is important to hire a right nursing license defense attorney.

Factors to Consider While Hiring a Nursing License Defense Attorney

  • Experience: The first factor you need to consider is the experience. It is important to know for how many years the lawyer is practicing nurse license defense. A right experience of an attorney can assure you to get your license back.
  • Specialization: You must know that whether your attorney handles such cases regularly or not. It must be the main part of their practice. An infrequent experience is not good for you. It is important to understand that many lawyers who actually practice criminal law can take your case. However, if you don’t find any relevant experience, it means you must not hire that attorney. It can become a big cause of the unsuccessful outcome in future.
  • Past Record: The record of an attorney is another important factor to consider before hiring an attorney. It includes the success rate of all the cases, learning from such cases, etc.
  • Timely Communication: Your attorney must communicate with you regularly. The only reason you consult a lawyer is that you don’t know everything about BON (Board of Nursing). It is your lawyer’s responsibility to tell you timely about all the legal rules.
  • Fees: You must discuss this in advance. Ask about all the charges you have to pay, extra charges if the case gets complicated. Moreover, you must also ask about the penalties you can face.

3-Step Board of Nursing (BON) Disciplinary Process

The right lawyer would always tell you about the BON disciplinary process. It is a three steps process:

  • Investigation Process: The Texas BON notifies the nurse in the investigation process. It gives the nurse an opportunity to respond back to all the allegations. Under NPA (Nursing Practice Act), a nurse can take the advantage of this opportunity. It is a phase of witnesses and evidence.
  • Informal Settlement Process: It is about a proposed agreed order that includes the conclusion of the investigation process. It may also result in the safe practice of the nurse in the state of Texas.
  • Formal Settlement Process: It happens due to the failure of the informal settlement process. If both the parties are not able to agree then Texas BON would file relevant formal charges. In this situation, the nurse has to respond to all the answers in writing. In formal settlement process, the case proceeds to hearings where both the parties face each other.

So, if you want to bring your career on the right track again, you must choose an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer. Book your appointment to one of the best nursing attorney online today and get a discreet consultation. These attorneys truly understand the importance of focused, high-quality, and professional license defense. They would do every possible effort to help you hold your license.

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