Here Is A Mobile App to Change the Way You Shop Grocery, Veggies & A Lot More


Dear Amdavadis,

Like many working couples in the city, If you too are struggling to spare time for shopping of everyday household things like vegetables, groceries, fruits and bakery items then it’s time to leave all your worries behind. Now you can easily shop vegetables, fruits, grocery and a lot more of everyday essentials from your mobile only. You can order anytime, from anywhere and expect same day, quick delivery. Isn’t it wonderful?

Last night, me and my husband was looking for online grocery shopping site and we come across ‘Grofers’. Being a part of IT industry, we always keep an eye out for sites and mobile apps that can bring ease and usefulness to our everyday lifestyle. Grofers bestows its presence on both Google Play Store and Apple Store.


We quickly place order through its Android App and I must admit the app has user-friendly navigation scheme and many stores off-the-shelf to whom we can place order with. The mobile app automatically fetch the location and recommended nearby stores or supermarkets depending on it.

So, you can shop all required stuff from multiple stores quite easily and quickly, and you will receive all of them delivered to your doorstep in one go. In addition to Ahmedabad, they are serving many other cities including Lucknow and Hydrabad.

This isn’t the first mobile app I have tried for online grocery and vegetable shopping, however this is unquestionably the first mobile app I found worth jotting down for. And needless to say, I find myself as a regular user of this app.

In my first purchase with Grofers, following are the key things that stimulate me to replace my paper-list:

  • Excellent design of the app makes browsing and ordering easy like never before
  • Multiple stores, shops and supermarkets with a huge selection of products off-the-shelf
  • Timely notification messages to my mobile (You get message notification when order is placed, confirmed and picked from stores; in short, they keep you updated throughout)
  • Properly segmented order list showing in the app account
  • Multiple payment options (I used my Mobikwik wallet and got cashback too)
  • Free doorstep delivery
  • On-time delivery (I ordered midnight and received delivery by 12pm next day)
  • Uniformed and professional staff for delivery and customer support

What’s more, all ordered items (including milk, eggs, vegetables, pulses and fruits) were delicately handled; except I realized one egg got a small crack during manhandling but fortunately didn’t break till it reaches home.

20150702_133405 (1)

And among all items ordered, there was one item they couldn’t manage to source but I got its amount returned at the time of delivery itself. Customer support is second to none. So, overall I loved the experience and strongly recommend this app to all locals. Time to go digital!

Not to miss, here is a mug I receive as a complementary (Free J) gift from them. Aww, so nice gesture for new customers (or nice branding effort :P)!

I would love to hear from you!


Niyati Yadav

Niyati Yadav is a founder of AuraContent. She is also a professional content developer, manager and strategist at AuraContent. Feel free to reach her out on

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