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Blog writing service

Blog writing is one of the best arsenals that can be used to engage with your existing customers and  prospects while online. Blogs will give your web based platform a strong voice to display your knowledge, business values and objectives in an effective way. Our experienced blog writers know the science and art of drafting blogs that can take your business to the next level.

Typically, a blog post is about a person’s knowledge, opinions, thoughts about any particular topic or subject matter. There is as such no fixed word limit for blog posts, but usually they are between 400-450 words. Today, a large number of websites out there have a separate page of ‘Blog’ featuring an informal way of communicating with targeted audience.

Since its inception in the online world, blogs have seem to get higher internet rate from site visitors.  While writing a blog may not be so challenging, drafting a perfect blog isn’t as easy as it may seem to you. This will need some skills and smart brain of course.

Our Blog Writing Service include,

  • Defining a strategy for the blog post
  • Uploading blogs to your website ‘blog’ page regularly as contracted or in line with your business profile
  • Blog delivery on daily, weekly, monthly or at any required frequency
  • We also take one off blog writing assignments
  • All blogs are quality checked and copyscape passed
  • Coordinating with the respective person to write blogs exactly in line with your business needs

Why Choose Us

  • 100% Focus – It is vital for a blog writing professional to stay completely focused while writing a blogpost. This will help him stick to the subject matter or given topic and assure the needed quality and effectiveness in the content.
  • Eye-catchy titles – This makes a huge different! A good title can draw in readers to go through entire copy creating an opportunity that can convert the visitor into potential customer. The writer need to make sure that the title is in line with the content covered in that particular blog.
  • Flawless Content – The flow or sequence of content matters a lot whether it is a blog, article or any other form of content writing. A flawless blog-post will attract more readers and help establish long term relationship with readers.
  • Smart Optimization – Let’s face it that most of you do blog posting to rank high in search results. And a good write-up will certainly help your SEO provided the content is optimized for the particular SEO keywords or services in a meaningful way.

Hire our Dedicated Blog Writers

At AuraContent, we let our clients hire a dedicated professional blog writer. Our writers specializes in all forms of blog writing including SEO blogs, personal blogs, etc. We offer keyword optimized, 100% original and creative blogs perfectly in sync with your business’s offerings and niche. We can build the right tone of voice for your product, service or brand and can make your message resonate to your targeted audience.

Looking for professional blog writers? Look no further than AuraContent.

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