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Neerja Bhanot – The movie teaches life lessons and inspires women to be courageous

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Everyone looks up to women who are independent and strong. However, how does one become one? It is quite easy to succumb to feelings and challenges that include self-doubt. However, this is not what makes a woman strong, does it?

The City of Ahmedabad has always been known to possess individuals that are strong and courageous. Right from the days of SardarVallabhai Patel, individuals in Ahmedabad have been associated with many worthy causes and acts of valor that have become an inspiration for all. This legacy of courage has been also imbibed in the fairer sex in this region.

With a woman leading the state of Gujarat, things do not need more light to be explained. Right from the days when Honorable PM NarendraModi led the state, women have been looking at him as someone who can fight anti-national elements with full force. This feeling has led to women being supplemented with added courage and a thought that security will never be a concern.






However, even if everything seems perfect, no one can predict what the future holds. With terrorism always on the rise, things can go out of place any given time without intimation. This implies that women need to always be prepared and have the courage to fight negative elements. These negative elements can be present inside the family too; so women need to be ready for any circumstance.

NeerjaBhanot movie: A truly inspiring masterpiece


The recent movie about the courageous NeerjaBhanot; a flight attendant who saved several lives, can be a burning example of how capable and courageous women can be. When the airplane she was on board got hijacked by terrorists, she did not give in to the pressure and fought the battle till she was killed saving three kids. However, by that time, Neerja had courageously saved 360 lives that included foreigners.

Being courageous does not mean die


With no one on board, Neerja being the most senior member, did not collapse to the pressure of terrorists and instead, took complete charge of the situation to fight the battle. The movie released recently about NeerjaBhanot depicts the fact that if you have the belief and courage, even trying situations can be overtaken. And courage here does not always mean to die for someone or something; courage here means to not fall prey to negative elements, tendencies or false traditional practices that are a stigma on society.

Break the shackles but care for your family too


Women need to understand their true potential and break the shackles that keep them bound to the kitchen only. Yes, definitely their family is important; however, they can still make a huge contribution towards good of the society. The movie about Neerja has proved that women need to love their life and also your family at the same time; even if this means that family members are overbearing sometimes.

Stay composed and find ways


The movie provokes women to think about solutions and not panic in dire situations. Though the gruesome events shown in the movie overwhelm Neerja(enacted by SonamKapoor), she never loses her composure and fights till her very end.

Support daughters


In one of the flashback scenes, Neerja’s mother is shown supporting her and rising to the challenge faced by femininity to stand firmly besides her daughter. This is the courage that needs to be present with every women.

Though India has come a long way from where women were treated badly to having them lead the way in various ways, things still need to change for good. Ahmedabad has already picked up in the race and we are witnessing many inspiring examples of how women are making their mark in the society.

The NeerjaBhanot movie can be a sure shot example of how courage can aid in accomplishing the impossible. So if Neerja can accomplish such a feat at a tender age of 23, why not others. The upbringing of women needs to change and they need to be treated on par with men right from their childhood. All this will lead to a better tomorrow.