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Now Facebook Messenger to Provide Its Users with End-to-End Encryption



It’s not long ago when Facebook owned WhatsApp messaging app declared end-to-end encryption for all its users and there was a lot of buzz over the internet as well as amidst the government bodies. And now the social media giant is planning to roll out same feature for its standalone messenger app, says a recent report.

According to a recent post in the Guardian, Facebook will be offering its messenger users with an opt-in – whether they need utmost privacy or enhanced AI (Artificial Intelligent)? The company is going to roll out an optional mode of chatting with end-to-end encryption in the coming months this year, says a person close this ongoing project at Facebook Inc.

The users who will select end-to-end encryption mode of communication will be ensured that all their chats are private; their chats will be seen by only sender and receiver. Neither the Facebook itself nor any top-notch government body like FBI would be able to take a sneak peek into your conversation.

Unlike WhatsApp where we users don’t have the choice to enable or disable end-to-encryption instead it is given as default setting, Facebook provides this feature as an optional security feature in the messenger app. But this privacy option in Messenger will come at the cost of advanced AI features like bots, says the Guardian post.

Facebook has been experimenting to use its AI systems (assistant M and messenger bots) to churn data from users’ communication and get smarter to better serve users while addressing their queries and requests. And to implement this, the social media behemoth needs to store all user chats on its server. But chat communication of messenger users who would opt for full encryption will not be stored on company server.

There is a good number of messaging apps including Viber, surespot and Snapchat that are offering fully encrypted mode of communication to its users. An insider report says, Google is also going to feature opt-in for extra privacy and security to its users in its next coming messaging app ‘Allo’.

We are yet to see what users will prefer more? The Privacy or the advanced AI based assistance and services?