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Does anyone know about the drawbacks of Google’s Driverless Cars?

Blog4_Google Smart Car

Blog4_Google Smart Car

A car without driver was a dream few years back. But, now Google has made that dream come true. How great and amazing it is to see a car being driven without any human interference!!! I am sure everyone might be aware of the benefits of these cars. But does anyone know about the drawbacks of these Google’s driverless cars? Read on to know more.

Here are the few drawbacks of Google’s driverless cars that one should know before thinking to purchase it.

Threat for Drivers whose income is dependent on Driving

Since, Google’s car is driverless; people purchasing it will not need any driver. Hence, this would cause an adverse effect on the jobs of the drivers who depend on driving for their livelihood.

May Promote more Traffic

Being driverless cars, they might promote an increase in the number of vehicles rather than decreasing or replacing the existing ones. Moreover, people who are unable to drive will also start driving and as it can be driven automatically, travelling would become a pleasure for them. Also, the cars might compete with the public transport resulting into amplified amount of travel. Thus, it may also lead to an increase in the usage of energy resources.

Unable to Handle Unfavorable Climatic Conditions

These cars cannot be handled when there is heavy rainfall or the roads are covered with snow. Moreover, their speed gets reduced to a large extent as the algorithms of the computer take extra safety measures while crossing 4-way stops that do not have any symbols.

Cannot Recognize Traffic Signals

Google’s driverless cars are unable to identify traffic signals. They cannot even differentiate between the people walking on the road and a policeman signaling to stop or a lump of garbage and a big stone. It is also difficult for these cars to get themselves adjusted in the parking lots.

Unaffordable for Middle Class Group

The technologies used for making these cars are so expensive that a common man cannot even think about buying it. The technology alone adds $70,000 to $100,000 to the cost of a vehicle. Thus only rich people can think of buying it.

Thus, just as every coin has two sides even Google’s driverless cars had its drawbacks. I hope you would think twice before opting for driverless cars.